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Hey everyone!

I’m here with a long overdue Rumble Land update!

I’m so excited to finally share news with you about my project Rumble Land. My brother and I started working on Rumble Land  back in 2010, with huge ambitions but not a clear path to our goals. Over the years life had slowed down the project to almost a halt, but we are proud to announce that we are finally back on track ,and scheduled to launch the January 1st 2019!!!!

We are so grateful to those who have have been with us from the very beginning, and are thinking of special ways to reward you all for your patience with us.

As excited as we are about the launch we wanted to start giving everyone a inside look into the world of Rumble Land. SO starting September 23, 2018, our Twitter, Instagram (@RumbleLandComic) and Website www.RumbleLandComic.com  will launch 100 days of Rumble Land, featuring daily images and info from our world.

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