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CUSTOM ILLUSTRATIONS: Illustrations vary in price, depending on whether the piece is Traditional or Digital (see scale below). If digital there is an additional fee for printing and shipping (no fee if requesting just the digital file} 



















WOOD COMMISSIONS: I often do commissioned custom wood pieces for conventions and for clients, by demand. Each one is a wholly unique and customized piece for those who love my work. Wood pieces are created using a mixed media of Marker, Color pencil, and Paint Pens. I cannot guarantee that I will accept every order, but I will discuss your custom order to make sure it’s a good collaboration for us both. Wood commissions start at $150 (plus shipping) base price and can raise depending on size and detail. 



















CUSTOM SHOE COMMISSIONS: Custom shoe designs are $125. The shoe choices are Vans, Toms, and Converse. All shoe orders have a 2-6-week work time, but usually are complete within 2.5 weeks.  The $125 (plus shipping) covers all cost and includes shoes and design. Once theme is agreed upon and payment is made the process of shoe creation begins. Price is negotiable when placing multiple orders for different sizes (such as children)



















1.    Make inquiry at AzizSupremeArt@gmail.com

2.    After inquiry I will personally reach out within 24-48 hrs. to request details on what you want in your commission. I may ask for reference photos, colors, styling and anything related that I should incorporate into the piece. (Note: Please be aware of my personal style and subject matter, as that what I primarily focus on. (I am primarily a cartoons and comic artist and rarely take on work unrelated to my style and preference.)

3.    After details are finalized and payment is received (Installments are possible on commissions over $200), I’ll give an estimated due date of when it may be finished and begin working on the piece. Commissions take between 2-6 weeks depending on schedule, time of year and your particular commission.

4.     All shipping prices will be added into the final price. Shipping on custom orders will vary depending on size and weight of order. 

4.    Note that international commissions may take longer to arrive after I’ve shipped them, due to customs and shipping that are out of my control.

5.    If this commission is for a special occasion or date you need, please purchase commission at least a MONTH in advance to be sure it will be complete!

Aziz Supreme Commission Prices
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