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After a long debate among friends, we determined that Pikachu is the most iconic and recognizable cartoon character next to Mickey. So I wanted to dedicate a project to drawing Pikachu in cosplay as all the other iconic characters from comics, movies, video games and more. Each print is a limited run of 5 signed prints and has a original hand colored 1:1 image as well. Can you catch them all?

project pikachu.jpg


Welcome to Rumble Land, an all-new experience in online comic books and Trading Card Games!  Follow the wrestlers of Rumble Land as they compete in three fictional federations to see who's the best. We are transforming the world of comics by allowing you, the fan, to not only follow the story, but be a part of it, by helping to determine its outcome. We incorporate a voting system into the comic, so fans help decide who rises to glory and who falls to the pits of the endless roster of wrestlers. If that's not enough, we go one step further by allowing our fans to join in on the action. Create and register a wrestler of your own and put him/her to the test to see if he/she has what it takes to be the next Rumble Land King or Queen.  ARE YOU THE NEXT CHAMP? We'll just have to see!

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